I swear I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Cross my heart. I just haven’t been cooking or baking much lately, so I felt like I had nothing really to post. I had to remind myself that this isn’t just a food blog. At least, that wasn’t my original intention. So, here’s a basic journal-like entry, which does fit my original intentions.

It’s been a crazy week for me. We had a really busy weekend with camping, a birthday party and a cookout. I spend most of Monday catching up on sleep, and just relaxing. On Tuesday, I spent the day with my mom working on official paper work and my work history. Wednesday, I got up at 6am for a dentist appointment. I’ve been dealing with a rather painful toothache for the last 2 weeks, and I figured it was time to get it checked out. Turned out I needed a root canal. Yay! Around noon, Kaity and Holly came over to the apartment to hang out. We got food, and played Just Dance and Mario Party 7. It was good times. I had to get up at 6am again today to go have my root canal. I wasn’t really nervous at all, which is unusual for me, especially concerning dental work. But it’s all done and taken care of now. It doesn’t hurt, at least not near as much as it had before. I’m not sure why people complain about root canals so much. I didn’t feel a thing. I’m just glad this whole process is almost over with. They put in a temporary filling, so I need to get a permanent one put in, and I’ll need a crown. I’m going to make the appointment for the filling tomorrow, but hopefully the crown can wait until next year. Dental work is expensive. 😦

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with my job counselor to work on my resume and mock interviews. I’m both nervous and excited to get back into the working world. I loved working, but I haven’t worked since 2008. It’s a scary prospect full of the potential to fail. But I’m not even hoping not to fail, as much as I hope that I can succeed in spite of my failures. My mom would argue that I haven’t failed in the past, that the system and my disability have failed me. But it’s hard not to feel personally responsible when it’s your brain, your misfiring neurons, etc that are causing the problems. At least I know I have a lot of people rooting for me in my corner. I have a great support system, and the professional help of my job counselor. With that, plus my will to succeed and better myself, I know I can come out on top. I no longer wish to stay on the complacent path that I’m on in life. Now, it’s time to take the rougher, but more rewarding route. Wish me luck!

We don’t have any real plans this weekend. *knock on wood!* We’re possibly going to go to my mom’s place Sunday to do some painting on the garage and house, but that’s it. I like being busy, but it’ll be nice to have a calm, relaxing weekend. Maybe I’ll have time to bake something. And maybe I’ll make a post about it. Hmm, we’ll see.

I feel bad about not having blogged in over a month. Please accept this picture of George and Max cuddling as my apology.Image